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Many of you have probably noticed (and maybe even read about) the UFO logos that have been popping up on Google as of late (for example, there is one up today, September 15, 2009, link to the image itself).

There has been much speculation as to what these logos are for, because they don't seem to commemorate anything too special like Google's typical logos do. This has led some to believe that they are marketing a specific movie. However, given Google's history, I doubt that they sold something as important as the logo as advertising. Also, the logo doesn't link to anything that would suggest a movie.

One theory that came to my mind is that it might be some kind of esoteric recruitment scheme like the one Google did a few years back. It is of interesting note that in the first logo with the UFO, the second o was being abducted and the file name of the image was go_gle.gif. With this second image, the l appears to have been written in by a tractor (or otherwise not made by the UFO, as it is not as distinct) and the file name is goog_e.gif.

So, what do you think the reason behind Google's UFO logos is? Or, do you think they're doing it for no reason at all. Share your thoughts in the comment section by clicking on the title of this article and scrolling down.


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