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Microsoft has expanded its limit on those allowed to test the Live Mesh Tech Preview from 10,000 to 20,000 testers maximum.

Live Mesh is a system meant to synchronize folders and personal data across your machines and allow you to share files that you would like to share. While Microsoft already has their Windows Live SkyDrive service for uploading and sharing files and Windows Live FolderShare for keeping entire folders accessible across both computers running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X, Live Mesh goes beyond that, and some even claim that Mesh is a critical part of the way Microsoft intends to "stay relevant," as many bloggers have said, now that Bill Gates has stepped down.

Backing up this interpretation are the facts that one of the key components of this system is a "Live Desktop," which acts more as a traditional desktop, as the name suggests, retaining the folder and file hierarchy that can be found on a computer. Live mesh also has a feature called "Live Mesh Devices." Currently, this allows users to remotely access their files on Windows XP and Vista computers through the Live Mesh software, which is downloadable for free to those testing Live Mesh. Microsoft has plans, however, to add support for Macs as well as mobile devices in the future.

It seems that Microsoft plans to open up Live Mesh more to developers in the future, and this will probably expand its usability greatly, allowing for more sharing features and possibly for some innovative new apps.

You can be added to the waiting list by visiting the Live Mesh Website, or the Microsoft Connect Directory. With any luck, you will be running Live Mesh on your computers as well. You need a Live ID to participate in the program, which can be obtained for free at those websites if you do not already have one.


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