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Okay, so you are probably thinking that I fell off the face of the Earth, right?

Well, I'm afraid it's not true.

I have been very busy lately and have been unable to post to the blog or give it the attention that it rightfully deserves lately, and I appologize to my readership, but there was simply no way that I could have continued working on the blog at the time.

This message is to let you know that I am still here, and will be posting new articles. I may even be posting one later today.

I am aware that some rather racey advertisements have been displayed through my Entrecard widget. These ads were not approved by me. Instead, my account on Entrecard was somehow hacked and accessed in order to approve the ad. I will not reveal the identity of this blog considering the fact that it may not have been the owner or member of the blog who hacked my Entrecard account, but couldm also have been an outside party. I doubt I will ever find out from Entrecard, but I would hope that they improve the security on their server, because I doubt that my password was brute forced, and even if it was, Entrecard should limit the number of incorrect login attempts from each IP address at the very least in order to prevent such attacks.

At any rate, I am glad to be back. Keep an eye on the blog for new articles that will be posted very soon.

As a note, I am considering starting another blog, and will probably be redesigning my website, so you will likely see updates on these as well.

Hope you like what you have seen so far and will continue reading.

The Evangelist


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