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So the October 14 MacBook event is said and done.

As we saw, there were many rumors leading up to the event regarding what Apple might announce. The most-hyped of those rumors turned out to be false.

It is interesting to note that the rumors about the manufacturing process and the networked televisions were both "confirmed." As the event showed, Apple is using what could be described as a "revolutionary" manufacturing process. But more on that later. What is interesting is that nothing in the event was related to networked televisions. Might Apple be working on networked televisions and just not have announced them at the event? Or perhaps this was pure rumor or even a tactic meant to mislead.

At any rate, this entire ordeal hasn't seemed that good for Apple. Their stock went down because of the event, just as it went down when they announced the iPod Nano refresh. There was so much hype surrounding the event that it virtually took the spotlight on what the event was really about - notebooks. And when Apple did announce their refresh, it just didn't seem to be anything big. There were already pictures out there of a chassis that looked like it had been made out of a single block of aluminum. Brick turned out to be what most everybody already thought it would be: a new way of manufacturing notebooks. And so Job's keynote seemed more an announcement of the obvious than of something great. The "one more thing" event turned out to be a MacBook refresh, bringing the graphics up to the Geforce 9400M instead of an integrated Intel chip. We saw a sub-$1000 notebook, but it was priced at $999 instead of the rumored $899 or $799.

It seems to me that Apple should do a better job keeping its manufacturers and employees quiet. A company such as Apple has much to loose over rumors like these. It seems as though Apple has really lost control of the rumor machines so instead of a product seeming like a long-shot come true it seems like an obvious revelation. Try harder, Apple. Surprise us with products that we couldn't have possibly imagined just a few years ago.


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