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The Australian PC Authority website is reporting that Nvidia has a team working on a chip using the x86 microarcitecture without a license, something they are unlikely to get.

This would obviously present legal problems for Nvidia if they are producing a chip. The article takes a fairly negative stance on Nvidia's alleged choice to begin designing a chip without a license.

I do, however, think that this brings up a fact that could have ramifications: there is an oligopoly in the x86 microprocessor market. And then we consider the fact that x86 processors are used in most personal computers these days. It makes me wonder of Nvidia would have a chance of getting in on the market by fighting Intel, claiming that the lack of competition is unfair. It seems highly unlikely that this would work, but it will be interesting to see if this will happen if they do end up in a lawsuit.

Then again, Nvidia might not be working on an x86 architecture chip at all. Litigation (or lack thereof) will probably be a good indicator of whether Nvidia will really go through with this.


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