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Intel has put out a press release on the future of their Atom processor platform.

Two new Atom processors were announced at the Intel Developer Forum, which was held in Beijing. One of these processors, the Z515, will be made for smaller mobile internet devices (which will likely be very popular in markets such as China). It will be able to run at up to 1.2GHz thanks to Intel's Burst Technology Performance Technology, which is a definite improvement over the previous generation of processors for this form-factor. The other new processor, the Z550, will break the 2GHz mark for the Atom processor, and do it within the less than 3-watt envelope. No doubt this will present AMD's Neo with some competition in the higher-end market.

Along with this, Intel will release their new Moorestown platform, which should reduce idle power consumption by ten times, a great improvement. It would seem that Intel will beat AMD to their own motto of "The Future is Fusion." Moorestown will feature System on Chip technology (which was codenamed Lincroft). This will mean that the processor, graphics, and other controllers will be integrated into a single package, which should be great for the next generation of small form-factor mobile internet devices.

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